Sunday, 22 January 2017

Leadership In Practice - By Sabo Garba Douglas

As it is often said one can find good men in every tribe, setting or religion and the same goes for does who do not mean well for our nation.

Our sear blight today has been spotted on a good Samaritan who has shown us that being good to humanity has nothing to do with tribe or religion.

Dr Shehu Usman Adamu is the kind of person we know as an educated Fulani Man. He is an Academician, a Politician and a role model. On the other side of this story, is a student whom Dr Shehu has not met before until this fateful day over nine months ago.

Well as fate had decided for the duo, Jonathan has problems walking due to the fact that he has problems with his legs for a lo g time yet he chose to go to school despite his predicament.

For somany physically challenged, have resolved to begging while Jonathan has chosen to study and become a better useful person to himself and the nation at large. Jonathan is the student of the department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science in Kaduna State University.

Dr Shehu Usman Adamu was on his way to a meeting when he noticed Jonathan managing to walk by the roadside and immediately asked his Driver to park beside Jonathan. Dr Shehu and Jonathan had a friendly chat and Dr Shehu asked his new found friend to give him his contact and immediately, Jonathan Called out his digits while Dr Shehu typed on his phone. A few moments later they departed a d Dr Shehu has been seeking out a way to ease the stress of walking long distance for his friend Jonathan. He was advised to construct a bicycle for Jonathan which he felt was a brilliant idea. But he proceeded into buying a Motorcycle and reconstructed it to have extra two tires so that Jonathan can have an easy movement around his daily activities.

Immediately Dr Shehu got the Motorcycle from his supplier, his phone got missing and behold he lost the contact of his dear friend Jonathan.

For every time he drove through the Ungwa Rimi area, he looks around to see if he can find Jonathan by the road side and for this nine months, he did not get so lucky. Until forth night ago, when he was driving around Kaduna State University and like magic, on the road side is Jonathan struggling to move from one location to another and like nine months ago, Dr Shehu asked that the driver should park. Dr Shehu asked where Jonathan has been all this while and the rest of the pleasantries went on and on and on and on

Dr Shehu regained the contact of his friend but did not inform him of the plans he had for him.  He only was a bit friendly with Jonathan, collected more information abkuy him on how he can contact him even if his phone has ever dissapointed him again. And behold in two days, Jonathan was contacted and his beautiful motorcycle was handed over to him.

Jonathan has been given his new motorcycle in order to ease his stress while carrying out his studies which is really what he needed at this particular time.

It is important to note that what has brought us together is greater than that which is dividing us. Dr Shehu Usman Adamu is a Fulani man and a Muslim. He is currently the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry of Kaduna State. He has so many disable who are of his tribe and religion who dearly needs the help he has rendered to his new found friend. On the other hand, Jonathan is a Christian from the Southern Kaduna extraction

Written By: Sabo Garba Douglas




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